Natural Stone Cleveland

Timeless Beauty

Natural stone Cleveland retains its beauty decades from your original installation. That’s why it’s been the choice of the finest hotels and prestigious landmarks for centuries.


A vast array of stone types and colors from around the world are available to choose from, yet no two slabs are exactly alike, adding to the unique character of natural stone. The many decorative edge treatments and surface finishes offered further expand your options. A thermal finish can even be added for exterior use, or your stone can be “honed” for a more old-world look.

Durability / Performance

Natural stone Cleveland will outlast and outperform any synthetic material in the kitchen, bath or anywhere else. Although not indestructible, resistance to heat, moisture and abrasion make it a superior choice in most instances. Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops as the surface is ideal for rolling dough and can even withstand placing hot pots directly on its surface.


Choosing a new countertop can be one of the most difficult decisions in the kitchen remodeling process. With so many options and prices, it’s easy to get confused. Granite usually runs on the higher end of the price spectrum, but by contacting local granite dealers instead of going through one of the big-name home improvement stores, it’s possible to purchase granite at a price that’s not much different than lesser options. Here are a few reasons you should consider granite.

6 Reasons to Choose Granite for Your Countertops

Undermount Sink

Granite allows for the installation of an undermount sink. The benefit of this feature is a sleek look and the ability to swipe crumbs from the counter right into the sink. All caulking and connection hardware remains unseen below the counter, leaving your kitchen with a clean, modern appearance.

Smooth Surface

Without the issue of tile grout lines and obvious seams, granite provides a smooth surface that’s easy to clean and work on. The sealant makes the stone waterproof and shiny. Granite is ideal for rolling out dough or preparing dinner.

Little Maintenance

The only maintenance involved with granite is occasional sealing. This isn’t a big job. You can do it yourself in little more than the time it would take you to wipe down the counters. Sealant is available at your local home improvement store. Spray it on and wipe the surface in a circular motion until your countertops shine. Resealing is only necessary when water stops beading on the surface. Usually the seal will last many months.

Handles Hot Cookware

Granite can handle your hottest pots and pans. No more searching for a pad or balancing hot cookie sheets. These countertops can manage temperatures up to 1,200 degrees. However, do not set your glass bakeware directly onto the granite. The sudden shift of temperature can cause the glass to shatter.

Ready-made Cutting Board

You can cut up that apple right on the countertop. Cutting through granite requires the use of special diamond tipped blades. Common cutting knives will not scratch the surface.

Long-term Investment

Granite will long outlive any other choice in countertop surfaces. Not only is it durable, the look is timeless. With man-made countertops like laminate, what seems like a modern choice of color or design can become an eyesore when styles change.